Client Testimonials

Unlike large, impersonal law firms, Chew Law’s reputation is built on client relationships. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Whether you are facing major charges or minor ones, we treat your case with the time and diligence it deserves. We continue to enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Please read a sample of what they have to say about their experience with Chew Law Offices:

"From January 2012 to May 2015 I had been fighting an incredibly serious case in which (up until September 2014) could have put me in prison for my ENTIRE LIFE without the possibility of parole. My case was one for the textbooks, a wrongful accusation of a heinous and violent crime that I had nothing to do with, simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person. I am a UC Berkeley Graduate and ordained pastor whose integrity and freedom was put on trial (literally) for many years. Over this three and a half year process, I endured a painstakingly inadequate investigation on the part of the prosecution who ignored even some of the most obvious inconsistencies in their version of the story, even when the true perpetrator was handed over to the court on a silver platter, our witness testimonies and hard evidence were largely ignored. In the first 2 years of this trial I went through two other lawyers who did little in terms of advancing my case and I spent enough legal fees that could have been a sizable down payment on a house. Once Jonah was brought into my case in 2013 that is when we really started making positive progress. In September of 2014 Jonah successfully got the third of 3 felonies that I was being charged with dismissed reducing my potential sentence in half. Jonah handled my case with utmost attention and professionalism all the while making me feel confident in his ability to defend my innocence. I am BEYOND ecstatic to stand here and tell you that as of May 8, 2015 thanks to Jonah's tenacity and expertise, I have been EXONERATED of all charges and have finally gotten my life back! I would highly recommend Jonah to anyone who is in a situation in which they need to prove their innocence and character! Thank you Jonah for helping me get the second chance at life that I have yearned for over these excruciating three and a half years!"
-- Ray A., San Mateo

"Let me say. I never write reviews, like I mean never. I always promised I would and then I forget. Well this time, ITS DIFFERENT. Jonah chew is the truth. A relate-able guy with a knack at making you feel comfortable about your situation. BUT not in a sleazy lawyer kind of a way. In a, "look man, this sucks and I'm gonna fight for you kind of a way" Let me get straight to the point. Jonah is approachable, accessible, and knowledgeable. He also has an amazing reputation and has solid connects in the department. He won't BS you and will always get back to you. Situations like this, you need someone who knows people, who knows your situation, and who knows the system inside out. Jonah is that dude. Still cannot believe I am writing this but Jonah deserves it. Period."
-- Mack G., San Leandro

"Okay so I was charged with some serious charges. Charges that could of put me in jail for for a longtime, I was faced with 8 different charges all were felonies. I knew that some of the charges were just bogus and didn't even pertain to me so I wanted to fight it and I didn't trust no public defender to represent me. I started to research for a lawyer, one that won't cost me an arm and leg. After weeks of trying to find the right attorney to represent me, my friend gave me Jonah's number and said your best bet is with him. So I did a little research on him and emailed him right away, told him about my situation and my case and how much I can afford if I hire him as my attorney. Few hours later, I recieive a reply back. I was amazed because Jonah was the only one that replied with such concern and with the eagerness to help me out. It was a genuine email. He didn't beat around bush or sugar coat anything, he told me straight up and kept it real it real from the start. Too put a long story short, there is soo much I can say about Jonah, Jonah is REAL, he works for you and he's always on top of things. He is well respected by others and has a sense of humor that goes along way especially if your facing some serious jail time. Through this whole ordeal, after 6 or 7 court appearances we had to go to, Jonah worked his MAGIC. He got them to drop 6 of my charges and no jail time, as of yet!!!!!!lol. I took a plea deal which got me probation and a few programs I need to complete. I feel that Jonah went the extra mile with me. He's the man. I would be in jail if it wasn't for him. Thanks Jonah, I appreciate every minute and time you spent on my case. I owe you big time."
-- JP M., San Bruno

"Jonah brings a professionalism along with a personalism and friendliness that is hard to find in this industry. He makes it easy to be one of his clients. The attention to detail, constant communication, his experience in the field, his warm personality...these attributes along with many more make him stand out. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer."
-- Cathy S., San Mateo

"Two words; CASE DISMISSED! I won't get into detail about the case but I will say this; you DEFINITELY want Jonah as your lawyer. Jonah fought for me the entire way through and there for, I received the best possible outcome. Jonah really knows his stuff and has the past experience to prove it. Take a look for yourself by reading Jonah's bio on the website. Jonah is SUPER knowledgeable, AGGRESSIVE, and he knows everyone in the SF court system. Also, Jonah is always on top of returning phone calls and text messages; which I think is huge. I could go on and on about Jonah but one of my favorite things about him is how much he really cares about his clients. I don't think I have ever come across a lawyer that cares more about his clients and what happens to them. Jonah also knows how to make a person feel comfortable and more at ease. He knew exactly when to lighten the mood and make jokes to calm my nerves. Seriously, if you are looking for the best lawyer in town, hire Jonah Chew. You won't be sorry!"
-- Shannon M., San Francisco

"I highly recommend Jonah Chew for any criminal defense attorney needs that you might have. Not only is Jonah professional, hard working and thorough - but he also has a high level of integrity. He represented my boyfriend in a case that seemed bleak and dim. Jonah worked hard and worked an awesome deal. My boyfriend was told after sentencing - by the JUDGE - that he needed to thank his lawyer for the amazing work that was done. I want to thank Jonah for his warmth and understanding with me during a difficult 2 months with my boyfriend in custody. I also want to thank Abigail Rivamonte, a lawyer who works with Jonah, who truly communicated so perfectly with me. She was patient, kind, and helpful. Both of you mean a lot to me for working for "B" and for caring for him."
-- Janelle K., Pacifica

"Hire Jonah, it's that simple. He's smart, connected and works hard. He used to be a Public Defender and he knows the courts and the court staff. He knows how to get things done. He's easy to reach when you have a question and he doesn't beat around the bush. Also, his pricing is fair. Hire him - you'll be glad you did."
-- Ron G., San Francisco

"Jonah is probably the best criminal defense attorney you can have represent you. He is among the elite in practicing defense law and an absolute expert in his field. He knows exactly how to approach a case and get the best possible outcome for his clients. He will go to bat for you, is honest, responsive, and has a mind like a razor. The moment I met him, I knew everything was going to be ok. I can't say enough about his expertise, knowledge and integrity. He really is a life savor like the last person said."
-- Noah S., Orinda

"I hired Jonah for a DUI in San Francisco. My first consultation was a huge relief. He relieved my anxieties and worries. I received quite a few calls from lawyers and did a lot of research. I chose Jonah based on his experience and personality. He is easy to work with, treats you like a person not like a dollar sign, and responds to your questions in a timely manner. The rates are reasonable and you get your money worth. Even after the case has completed Jonah still answers my questions."
-- Dan A., San Francisco

"Going through the justice system for something like this can be difficult, but with Jonah, your money goes a long way in ensuring that all the details of your case are made clear to you, your choices are outlined clearly, and most importantly, that your case is presented to the DA and judge in the most favorable light possible for you."
-- Mark F., Foster City