Client Testimonials

Unlike large, impersonal law firms, Chew Law’s reputation is built on client relationships. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Whether you are facing major charges or minor ones, we treat your case with the time and diligence it deserves. We continue to enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Please read a sample of what they have to say about their experience with Chew Law Offices:

"Thought all was hopeless, but with dignity and humor Jonah worked magic."
-- Paula M., San Francisco

"In one word: AWESOME! He's probably the best criminal defense attorney in San Francisco that I've ever come across. By him knowing the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, he's the best guy to have on your side. Fines reduced, appearances waived and I'm sure he's got to have an outstanding record. Highly recommended. And what I found really helpful is that he is in NO WAY some stuck up know-it-all attorney. He's very down to earth and real, which makes any situation you might be dealing with a little easier to handle."
-- Jenna A., San Francisco

"Jonah Chew believed in me and helped me prevail in my case. Jonah answered my questions, returned my phone calls and emails, and took a real interest in my situation.  He's clearly "connected" in the hallways of 850 Bryant Street, and has the right kind of experience to serve his clients' needs.  Jonah is knowledgeable and savvy.  He is a skilled and studied practitioner of the law.  On top of that, he's a really, really good person."
-- Doug W., San Francisco

"I'm a fellow attorney, and for criminal defense cases, Jonah is always at the top of the list.  I've worked together with him, and of the scores of attorneys that I've seen, he's the cream of the crop, his work is meticulous.  He knows when to press a legal argument and when it's in his client's interest to "play nice" with the DA.  Hire him; trust his judgment because he won't lead you astray."
-- Charmaine Y., San Francisco

"Jonah is a great attorney! He really helped me out when I was in a pretty bad situation. Like the other reviews say, he really cares about his clients and makes sure that they get the best deal possible. He really knows what he's doing and I recommend him to anyone! He's a really nice guy too and helps you with any questions that you have. I'm really happy that I was referred to him."
-- Nicole C., San Francisco