Mother and daughter found guilty in Alameda Superior Court for the murder of an elderly Dublin woman

Posted by: on June 28, 2011

An Alameda County jury has convicted an Antioch mother and daughter of murder in the 2009 death of a 91-year-old Dublin woman found stuffed into her own trash can.

In a trial that included evidence of a litany of weapons, incriminating computer searches, and even a murder-planning “to-do” list created by the suspects, jurors on Tuesday said¬†they found Rosa Hill, 36, and 57-year-old Mei Li guilty of all counts.

One juror said outside the courtroom Tuesday that the amount of items brought to the Dublin home that day convinced him Rosa Hill was guilty.

“The evidence was all there,” said the juror, who did not want to be named. “You can’t go around it.”

In addition to finding the women guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Selma “Sally” Hill on Jan. 7, 2009, they were also found guilty of the premeditated attempted murder of Eric Hill, Selma Hill’s grandson and Rosa Hill’s estranged husband. Eric Hill was attacked when he went upstairs looking for his grandmother that day.

Mei Li was also charged and found guilty of one count of first-degree residential burglary.

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Source: Inside Bay Area 

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