Contra Costa Residents Assist Police In Arrest of Burglary Suspect

Posted by: on December 7, 2011

Four people were arrested Friday when they allegedly tried to burglarize a home but instead ran into a village of vigilant citizens.

The drama unfolded for nearly 90 minutes after a neighbor called 911 to report that three unknown people had jumped a fence in the 1400 block of Reliez Valley Road.

A police search led to the arrest of 18-year-old Rashawn Ragland-Smith, 18-year-old Edward Moore and two 16-year-old boys. Moore, like Ragland-Smith, was being held in County Jail in Martinez on suspicion of burglary, weapons violations and resisting arrest, Lee said. The two 16-year-olds were taken to Juvenile Hall.

Minutes after the three suspects hopped the fence, police received another call from a resident saying an alarm was going off at the same location, Lee said. Three of the teens ran, but a fourth tried to drive away in a Ford. A citizen’s “good description” of that vehicle led police to follow it, Lee said, and officers pulled it over on Pleasant Hill Road.

Inside the vehicle police found property stolen in a previous residential burglary in Concord, Lee said. The driver surrendered.

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Source: Contra Costa Times

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