How Are Embezzlement Charges Defined Under California Law?

Embezzlement occurs when an owner or an owner’s agent entrust their property to an individual who ends up fraudulently converting or using that property for their own benefit or with the intention of depriving the owner of use of their own property.

What Makes A Charge Of Embezzlement A Felony?

Embezzlement is defined in conjunction with the grand theft and theft statute in California, and any act of embezzlement involving more than $950 is considered a felony.

What Are The Penalties In California For Felony Grand Theft Embezzlement?

Embezzlement under $950 is a misdemeanor, and embezzlement over $950 is a felony. Embezzlement charges are still subject to other enhancements. If an embezzlement charge qualifies under the white-collar enhancement of $100,000 or more, then the defendant would no longer be 1170H eligible, and as a result, would likely serve time in state prison.

Is An Embezzlement Charge In California Considered A Wobbler?

An embezzlement charge in California is considered a wobbler.

I Believed I Had The Right To The Property And Had No Intent Of Theft. Can You Defend My Case?

If someone believed they had a right to the property and had no intent of theft, then that could be a viable defense.

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