Attorneys at Chew Law have years of experience and favorable outcomes in serious felony cases. We have successfully defended adults and juveniles accused of major crimes in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties. Felonies are the most serious charges a person can face and carry the toughest penalties, including state prison or even the death penalty. A felony conviction can mean losing your ability to work in certain industries, obtain professional licenses, secure college financial aid, or own a firearm. It is crucial that you have an attorney who is experienced and skilled. If you are accused of a felony crime, you have the legal right not to talk to police. Call Chew Law Offices immediately at (415) 484-0906 or email us at info@chewlawoffices.com.

General Information:

Felony Crimes Are Serious, But All Is Not Lost

If you’ve been charged or convicted of a felony crime in California, you are certainly better off right from the start than someone charged or convicted in many other states, because California is a progressive state that seeks to continually update the existing laws to ensure fairness and equality for all. As a leader in progressive legislation, California takes pride in its system of well-considered laws and guidelines that are designed to give everyone a chance to restart their lives after paying the debt to society. But although fair, California laws can be rigid in some areas, and like many other states in our United States of America, repeat offenders will find little leniency in California courts.

At The Law Offices of Jonah Chew in San Francisco, California, we understand that people make mistakes. No one is perfect and from time to time, even good people have moments of poor judgment, succumb to financial pressures or family pressures, and end up making mistakes that they not only regret, but put them in hot water with the law. Misdemeanors are common and carry penalties indeed, but felony charges can literally ruin lives if they lead to a conviction.

You do not want to be convicted of a felony crime. You do not want to be convicted of a felony crime. We wrote that sentence twice because some things bear repeating. A felony conviction is a serious problem you want to avoid because it can wreak havoc on your life with possible prison time, loss of job, inability to work in certain careers, family problems, financial ruin, and more. If you or a loved one have been charged with a felony crime the time to act is yesterday, and by that we mean as soon as possible. You need to be in contact immediately with a criminal defense attorney, to get him or her up to speed on your case and charges, and let them get to work on your defense strategy right away. Every minute counts, because the prosecution is probably already on the case, your case, and they will be digging, investigating, and working long hours to try and get you convicted. Prosecutors love a conviction because every conviction they can get is another step on their ladder to success. For a prosecutor, more convictions equate to more respect and more opportunities to climb higher in their career.

At The Law Offices of Jonah Chew, we are in the business of ruining prosecutors’ dreams. How do we do that? We beat them—in court—where it counts. When you’re facing serious felony charges, which all felony charges are—serious, call us right away. You’ll need a seasoned attorney, and not just any criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, California will do; you need an experienced felony attorney. You need an attorney who has a track record of success that will provide you with some comfort in a time that is typically filled with anxiety. We are that attorney firm. We are your attorney firm. We are The Law Offices of Jonah Chew, and quite frankly, we’re extremely good at what we do. So when you’re charged with a felony crime, remember all is not lost, you will have your day in court, and we’ll be there with you, prepared and ready to win your case.

Some of the felonies we handle include:

  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • DUI with serious bodily injury
  • Major fraud, theft and computer crimes
  • Conspiracy
  • Probation violations
  • Serious gun-related offenses
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Hit and run


Juvenile charged as an adult, faces deportation

Case: Our client, a 15-year-old undocumented immigrant, was charged as an adult for allegedly stabbing a man in a Financial District alley. He faced 12 years in state prison. The head of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Gang Unit was personally prosecuting his case.

Results: Our office was able to get the case reassigned to juvenile court, allowing the client to avoid a “strike” and to stay in the country.

DUI with great bodily injury

Case: Our client was charged with DUI with great bodily injury following a car accident in San Mateo County. The complaining witness was hospitalized for several days and was briefly in a coma.

Results: Case dismissed after our office successfully argued that the district attorney failed to prove his client was driving or that the victim suffered great bodily injury connected to the accident.

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