Success Stories

At Chew Law, we believe our case results speak for themselves. By winning not guilty verdicts and negotiating favorable plea agreements, we have saved countless clients from prison, restored their job and educational opportunities and afforded their families the opportunity to move forward. Below is a small sampling of our success.

Police Officers Lie During Battery Trial

Case: Our client and his brother, two African American men in their early 20s, were charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest after white officers described an altercation at a San Francisco restaurant.

Results: During trial, jurors weighed testimony from both our clients and the police. The jury determined the officers lied about the incident, and cleared the brothers of all charges.

Father Saved From Life In Prison

Case: A young father of two faces life in prison after being accused of kidnapping and first-degree home invasion.

Results: After intense cross examination of the victim at a preliminary hearing, prosecutors agreed to a plea bargain that spared our client from any time in state prison.

Man Beats Felony Charges After Brawl With Police

Case: Our client was charged with felony lynching and felony assault on police officers after allegedly attempting to free someone from police custody and punching two officers.

Results: We were able to negotiate a deal in which our client avoided any time behind bars. Charges were reduced to a single misdemeanor.