Client Testimonials

Unlike large, impersonal law firms, Chew Law’s reputation is built on client relationships. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Whether you are facing major charges or minor ones, we treat your case with the time and diligence it deserves. We continue to enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Please read a sample of what they have to say about their experience with Chew Law Offices:

"If you are in need of a real Defense Attorney not just take your money and plea you out, then there is no other choice, period."
-- D.L. R.

"When I was arrested a friend of mine referred me to Jonah. I had no clue how to go about things and was a little overwhelmed. Jonah was very patient and friendly and explained everything throughly. He always responded to my emails and made sure I was ok with everything going on. He followed through with what he said and got my charges reduced. I would definitely recommend him if you need a lawyer. Thank you again Jonah!"
-- Jose N.

"Jonah is a PHENOMENAL lawyer. Sometimes, good people find themselves in a tough situation. DUIs happen and when they do, they are costly, time-consuming and down-right scary as hell. My husband was charged with a second DUI involving an accident with two other motorists in SF. Luckily, no one was hurt, but he was still facing felony charges (with jail time) for having a high BAC and committing a second offense while just being shy of completing the probation period from his first DUI. We called Jonah after reading rave reviews, and can 100% say that Jonah *is* the lawyer you're looking for. RESULTS: My husband's case was dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor. He spent three days doing SWAP and avoided any jail time. He was able to drive again, sooner than expected (with an IID.) My husband's employer never found out about his DUI because Jonah coordinated his monthly court dates with his days off. We are currently looking into reducing his probation requirements now that his DUI school has been completed. This is only possible if you hire a GREAT lawyer. HOW JONAH'S DIFFERENT: - he works *directly* with you and your case - he is *very* responsive (via phone, text and email) - he has a great personality - is honest and genuinely cares about you, and funny too - he knows to share just enough with you regarding your next court date to keep you calm and collected.... he will guide you throughout your process so you can try to live as normal of a life until your case is settled - his appearance is sharp, clean and he has the mental toughness you need to win in court - and more importantly, he is one of the most well-connected criminal defense lawyers in SF. He knows the judges, public defendants and the system very, very well. Ask any one of them and they will speak of him in high regard. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: - listen to what Jonah says and just do it. If you need to live in a residential treatment program to not only fix a problem that you may have, do it and go above and beyond. It'll be good for you personally, and the results of your case. - You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you pass on hiring Jonah. Whether it be your first, second or third DUI, Jonah knows his craft very well. Months after our case was finished, we happened to run into Jonah at a ballgame and he gave us two big hugs. (It was great seeing him outside of his suit.) If you can't already tell by all the reviews, he's practically Superman. Back in NY, we'd say he's "one, helluva guy." We are grateful for him. We don't write reviews, but created Yelp accounts just so we can write one for Jonah. Hope this review helps someone who's on the fence."
-- Jane D.

"Jonah is not only a hard working lawyer, he goes the extra mile for every client. I love the results!"
-- Justin H.

"I was referred to Jonah from my auntie, that auntie is getting a nice gift for Christmas. I've had a few meetings with other lawyers, but none were as confident and knowledgeable as Jonah. He was more than willing to make it work with me payment wise since I'm also a full time student. My case was a DUI, but marijuana related. I went through a checkpoint after work, and was stopped because my car "smelled". I passed the sobriety tests, but they also measured my pulse. Who's pulse wouldn't increase with 10 cops and a bunch of bright lights around you? My car was towed, and I was arrested. I was completely sober the whole time I was detained. As soon as I hired Jonah, he immediately faxed the DMV to contest since my license was taken. After a few long business days, I got mail from the DMV saying that I can get my license! My arraignment was postponed because Jonah met with the DA prior. After being anxious waiting for the results, I eventually get mail saying everything was dropped. Jonah was amazing and very informative the whole time, making you feel comfortable about everything. You get way more than what you pay for."
-- Anthony G.

"Mr. Chew gave me legal advice at a time when I was unsure of what next steps I needed to take. While I did not eventually require legal representation, if I had I would have retained Mr Chew with every confidence that he would have represented me fairly and with full competence. Thank you!"
-- David H.

"From January 2012 to May 2015 I had been fighting an incredibly serious case in which (up until September 2014) could have put me in prison for my ENTIRE LIFE without the possibility of parole. My case was one for the textbooks, a wrongful accusation of a heinous and violent crime that I had nothing to do with, simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person. I am a UC Berkeley Graduate and ordained pastor whose integrity and freedom was put on trial (literally) for many years. Over this three and a half year process, I endured a painstakingly inadequate investigation on the part of the prosecution who ignored even some of the most obvious inconsistencies in their version of the story, even when the true perpetrator was handed over to the court on a silver platter, our witness testimonies and hard evidence were largely ignored. In the first 2 years of this trial I went through two other lawyers who did little in terms of advancing my case and I spent enough legal fees that could have been a sizable down payment on a house. Once Jonah was brought into my case in 2013 that is when we really started making positive progress. In September of 2014 Jonah successfully got the third of 3 felonies that I was being charged with dismissed reducing my potential sentence in half. Jonah handled my case with utmost attention and professionalism all the while making me feel confident in his ability to defend my innocence. I am BEYOND ecstatic to stand here and tell you that as of May 8, 2015 thanks to Jonah's tenacity and expertise, I have been EXONERATED of all charges and have finally gotten my life back! I would highly recommend Jonah to anyone who is in a situation in which they need to prove their innocence and character! Thank you Jonah for helping me get the second chance at life that I have yearned for over these excruciating three and a half years!"
-- Ray A.

"Jonah Chew was the perfect lawyer for the situation I was involved in. Complete professional who did a great job and keeping me informed of what was going on but also helping me stay come through a very stressful situation. It was a long process but Jonah was there every step of the way to guide me and keep me focused on what was going on. He spoke with various different parties on my behalf and not once did I feel out of the loop. Glad to know there are attorneys out there that do care for their client and do everything they can to provide support."
-- Christopher C.

"Jonah is an amazing guy and professional. His expert knowledge of the law, his impeccable follow through and genuine care for his clients are unmatched in this industry. It's obvious he is extremely respected in the court room. He walks in, people wave, smile, joke and sometimes have the look of fear in their faces (District Attorneys). Jonah kept me in the loop, fought like Mike Tyson and at the end of the day I was beyond ecstatic with the outcome. If you want a dedicated, professional and compassionate lawyer who will fight to the end, never giving up, look no further and call this man immediately."
-- John Z.

"This is a review for the attorney Jonah Chew. I had a DUI and Felony Hit and Run case where Jonah represented me. Jonah is very knowledgeable in these fields and had a way of putting me at ease. Even though I was facing a huge fine and jail time, Jonah worked hard and answered all my questions and was there for me every step of the way. Jonah was very honest and upfront about his fees and also worked out a payment plan for me. I highly recommend Jonah. And I also wanted to say that I asked Jonah if I could write a review for him and not the other way around because I was impressed with the service I received."
-- David C.