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Unlike large, impersonal law firms, Chew Law’s reputation is built on client relationships. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Whether you are facing major charges or minor ones, we treat your case with the time and diligence it deserves. We continue to enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Please read a sample of what they have to say about their experience with Chew Law Offices:

"I cannot say enough good things about Jonah. He is an outstanding lawyer. Without going into detail I can say that I've recommended him to others for a range of issues and he has a 100% batting average with all of them. He's attentive, compassionate, professional and highly dedicated to helping good people deal with bad situations. If you're looking for representation, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Jonah Chew."
-- Linda L.

"Great lawyer. Never kept me in the dark about my case. He was very responsive by email and phone. I felt supported through the whole thing. I was wrongfully accused of something because of Jonah my case was dismissed."
-- Ryan N.

"My experience at the Law Offices of Jonah Chew, exceeded my expectations. One thing that stood out to me, was his compassion to help others. He was always attentive, punctual and kind in demeanor. I came from Los Angeles to see him for a consultation. After meeting with him, it was an easy decision to retain his services. If you're looking for representation, I would definitely recommend Jonah Chew, because of his knowledge of the court system, compassion, and intellect. Thank you Jonah, for helping me in a time of need, but also guiding me through a rough time as well."
-- Tony T.

"Was in dire need of a lawyer for my case so I contacted the law offices of Jonah Chew. Without going into too much detail, I can say that Jonah displayed a level of unparalleled professionalism throughout this long, tiring ordeal. Mr. Chew was non-judgmental but also personable and made me feel like I could reach out to him whatever time of day. Despite his heavy caseload he made sure to take the time to make sure whatever needs or questions I had at the time were addressed and always feeling re-assured and in good hands. His communication, follow-ups, and depth of knowledge was simply amazing. Mr. Chew is also extremely experienced with the court system and was able to leverage his rapport with the prosecutors, DAs, and judges to ensure I was getting the best outcome. It is unclear whether a lawyer without prior experience working in these specific court systems could've yielded a better outcome. I think the case could've easily gone south had I not gone through this ordeal with Mr. Chew. I honestly had not expected this level of service given the pricing. Mr. Chew went above and beyond his call of duty. I am extremely relieved to have done the research when searching for representation. It does make a difference."
-- Vince C.

"Its true, Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you in serious trouble. Without going into so much details, My daughter got arrested and charged with a crime. We never had any brush with the law so everything was so scary and confusing for our family. We don't know what to do and where to go. A friend recommended her lawyer and her lawyer recommended Jonah Chew instead based on the nature of my daughter's case and she reassured us that my daughter will be in good hands with Jonah. True indeed, Jonah worked hard to defend my daughter. He made the stressful situation bearable and my daughter always felt that Jonah got her back. He is always there to listen and answer her questions and concerns and always there to give updates about the case. After 7 stressful months,Jonah got the felony case dismissed. We are forever thankful to Jonah. We now found a lawyer whom we can truly truly trust. I will definitely recommend him to everyone coz I know Jonah is trustworthy, tough, knows the law and will truly defend you the best he can. Thank you Jonah! This experience opened my eyes to the legal truth, "Innocent until proven guilty"."
-- Marina G.

"Found Jonah on yelp and decided to use his services based on the positive reviews. I was very happy that I did. Jonah is well known and respected in the court system. From the moment he meets you he makes you feel at ease and you know he is truly working on your behalf. In my case, given the circumstances I think Jonah got me the best possible outcome I could expect."
-- Shawn A.

"So my review could take up at least a couple of pages, and without going into detail's, here is my situation and outcome with Jonah Chew. I had racked up multiple DUI cases and another felony case within a 12 to 15 month period, and I was going to PRISON, no way around that. I was already on SFAPD probation and I was calling law firm's all over the Bay Area, to get myself out of this bad situation I created, and finally called Jonah Chew. I needed a lawyer who knew SF criminal law, and who had a reputation that was respected by his fellow colleagues, and prosecutors alike, because I was hoping only for a lenient deal, because dismissal was out of the question. Well guess what? I got a few dismassal's (Unreal), and a minor probation violation out of the whole ordeal that lasted the better part of a year in court, and I couldn't have had a better outcome. He know's everyone at the Hall of Justice, and that comes in handy if your up against the rope's in Superior Court, and need someone to fight for you, and his reputation speak's for itself. TAKE MY ADVICE, don't WALK, you need to RUN to his office, if you have a court date, because he is the most aggressive, respected, and no nonsense lawyer I have ever encountered. Take my advice, and thank me later, because he will do, the undoable, and get you the best outcome, of your legal situation. I really can't say how much this guy saved me from a clear cut prison sentence, and both myself, and my wife are truly grateful for his knowledge and expertise in criminal law, especially DUI, and I can't express that more to you."
-- John G.

"He was very courteous very professional. Always kept me informed about my case. Always answered my e-mails in a timely matter. I definitely will hire him again. I definitely will tell them to hire Mr. Chew."
-- Eduino M.

"Attorney Jonah Chew is a great attorney. He always kept me up to date on my case and always responded in less than one day. I'm happy that I was referred to him. It good to know that Jonah was working on my case. Communication and responsiveness are very important to me. I've a divorce lawyer that never calls me back or replies to my emails and it is such a horrible experience."
-- Ryan N.

"My cousin was falsely accused of a crime. Prior to this, she has never been in trouble with the law and maintained a clean record. Jonah was referred to her to handle this matter. He is able to make you feel at ease from the first time meeting each other. No matter how stressful the situation was he always had a calm demeanor. Jonah was consistent and punctual with his replies for my cousin's questions and concerns. He even threw in some jokes to lighten up the mood in during the court hearings. Make no mistake, Jonah takes action in the courtroom and fights for his client. He took care of my cousin and made sure she felt protected. Shared his knowledge and made sure she understood everything that was going on as the case proceeded. I am happy to say that his hard work and dedication to my cousin's case led to its eventual dismissal. I highly recommend him as a lawyer, he's your guy! :)"
-- Shannah G.

Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

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