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Unlike large, impersonal law firms, Chew Law’s reputation is built on client relationships. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Whether you are facing major charges or minor ones, we treat your case with the time and diligence it deserves. We continue to enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Please read a sample of what they have to say about their experience with Chew Law Offices:

"Its true, Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you in serious trouble. Without going into so much details, My daughter got arrested and charged with a crime. We never had any brush with the law so everything was so scary and confusing for our family. We don't know what to do and where to go. A friend recommended her lawyer and her lawyer recommended Jonah Chew instead based on the nature of my daughter's case and she reassured us that my daughter will be in good hands with Jonah. True indeed, Jonah worked hard to defend my daughter. He made the stressful situation bearable and my daughter always felt that Jonah got her back. He is always there to listen and answer her questions and concerns and always there to give updates about the case. Jonah stood with my daughter on all their court appearances until he got the felony case dismissed. We are forever thankful to Jonah. We now found a lawyer whom we can truly truly trust. I will definitely recommend him to everyone coz I know Jonah is trustworthy, tough, knows the law and will truly defend you the best he can. Thank you Jonah! This experience opened my eyes to the legal truth, "Innocent until proven guilty". Now I looked at things differently....."
-- Marina V.

"Jonah is an amazing attorney. If I could give him 6 stars, I would. He was very clear about the process and was very understanding. He also works with you to make sure you have the best case. He was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor. You need him as your attorney!"
-- Chen T.

"I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the diligence and hard work that Jonah put towards my case. He made sure I understood what was happening each court date and that I knew what my options were. I always felt I could call or email him at any time and he would respond ASAP. I know that if I ever need an attorney in the future there's only one person I will call and thats Jonah. So if you're looking for an attorney you that's a fighter and up to help you out then you should be looking at Jonah."
-- Mariam A.

"I worked with Jonah Chew on two different occasions and highly recommend him as an attorney. Jonah was referred by one of my friends who worked in the DA office, which means a lot. He is well respected by by the judges and other attorneys. On both occasions things did not look good, and it was extremely stressful. Jonah got both cases dismissed. That was an impossible outcome. Jonah is the best defensive attorney I have ever worked with."
-- Sasha S.

"I actually found Jonah on Yelp and am extremely happy I did. I cannot recommend Jonah enough to those who are seeking legal counsel. He's extremely professional, knows everything in and out, and keeps it super candid/ real ensuring you get the best guidance. Jonah continued to go above and beyond, and throughout the entire process, it's clear he is well respected and reputable in the space."
-- Brian T.

"I am so glad that Jonah was referred to me! I am in the middle of a huge career change. My background check came back saying I had a warrant out for my arrest for a failure to appear. I was under the impression that I had taken all necessary requirements to take care of a traffic citation. I just about had a heart attack and had no idea what to do. I called several attorneys who were in a hurry and told me their was nothing that could be done. I called Jonah and was able to get in contact with him immediately. He listened to my situation with out rushing me like most attorneys. Jonah's response back to me gave me some ease and confidence that he knew how to help me. I am a huge worry wart, so providing me with some ease is not easy. Jonah was extremely sensitive and understanding to my concerns. We appeared in court and Jonah was able to get the warrant removed and schedule a court date, preventing me from going to jail. I presented all proof and evidence to Jonah. He appeared in court with out needing me present and was able to have my case dismissed. A warrant on my record and being charged for failure to appear could have enabled me to pursuit a career change. Jonah saved me! Thank You Jonah Chew!"
-- Kristen S.

"Although I prefer to not go into specifics, I am compelled to share my experience with the great expertise, support and service I received from Jonah on my case. He guided me the whole way for nearly nine months until my case was dismissed. With the judge's dismissal of my case and the overall ease I experienced during this stressful time, I can say I am very grateful for Jonah's service and sincerity that made the whole thing very much easier to navigate!"
-- Samantha H.

"Jonah was the man! I had very simple questions but he was willing to lend his time to help out regarding my exposure to a federal criminal Court case. I appreciate his time is precious but he did everything he could to refer me to other lawyers that might help. Plus he is a likable, humorous guy that seems like your best friend. Note this was for a brief consult and not full representation."
-- Lin L.

"Attorney Jonah chew is very good lawyer he will work for you and his very helpful to us when my husband had a bad complain about him and attorney Jonah help us..his friendly and he will work for you whatever. Even your struggling with your family. I'm very thankful that we met attorney Jonah. So whoever have problem he will help you solve that problem you have."
-- Jennifer A.

"Let me begin by saying that Jonah is the MAN. This guy went to the mat for me and although I would prefer not to discuss the specifics of my case on yelp, lets just say I could have gotten screwed. Jonah is like god damn Matlock with the shit and will have your back. Professional AF"
-- Austin L.

Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

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