What Has Your Experience Been In Handling Drug Cases In California?

I have been practicing criminal defense since 1999. Since then, my caseload has always involved a good number of controlled substances offenses. From 2001 to 2006, I was a San Francisco Public Defender and was assigned to hundreds if not more controlled substances offenses to defend. As of 2006, my private criminal defense office has been up and running. Also, in 2006, I was accepted into the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Indigent Defense Program to represent indigent persons charged with felonies which have resulted in scores and scores of felony drug cases appointed to defend. Since 1999 to my current caseload, I have represented felonies, misdemeanors, state, federal, and codefendant cases related to drugs and controlled substances, including sales, possession for sales, transportation, manufacturing, to simple possession. I have litigated every type of drug/controlled substances type of motion from confidential informants, search warrants, electronic privacy act, etc. I have defended many controlled substance offenses at the jury trial, including, as far as I understand, the only medical marijuana defense in San Francisco County to date.

What Do You Hope That Readers will Gain From reading This Book On Drug Charges In California?

My hope is that readers will gain a better understanding of defending drug-related cases and charges in California from reading this book. Also, I hope readers recognize that an experienced attorney can add a lot of value to their case from mitigation to identifying and asserting potential defenses. An experienced attorney can greatly increase the chances of a good outcome as well as make their clients feel better and be informed about the process throughout. I hope readers know that there are attorneys out there that care about their client and their effected families who will listen to them and can keep them in the loop about their case’s progression. A good attorney will spend time and due diligence with a case while walking their client through it so that they can make intelligent and informed choices about their own case.

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Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

Charged With A Drug Crime In California?

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